Yvonne Smith Oathmann

Yvonne Smith Oathmann is one of the co-founders of Shakespeare Law Firm LLP and gives legal service as a lawyer especially in the fields of Foreclosure and Banktruptcy, Divorce, Administrative, Labor and Employment Law.

Yvonne Smith Oathmann has graduated from law faculty at Ontario University in 2010. She has been actively performing as an attorney since 2011 as registered at Bar Association of British Columbia, Canada. She is the co-founder and one of the partners of Shakespeare Law Firm LLP .

She is specialised in Executive and Commercial Law starting from her internship and conducted many legal cases. She collected the debts of many companies by proceeding enforcement process and consulted to factoring companies. Besides of collection of debt, she represented individual and corporate clients in the fields of civil law, labor law, corporate law and tax law.